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Dry Mediterranean climate that provides long growing season marked by warm summer days and cool evenings – ideal for wine grapes to ripen slowly and evenly, with great balance between sugar and acid development. Lack of summer rainfall and remarkable diversity of soils and microclimates allows a wide array of premium wine grapes to thrive.

Our grapes come from three different AVA´s of Napa Valley:

  • Soil: Sedimentary, gravelly alluvial silt loams. Rocky.
  • Rainfall: 32 inches annually.
  • Altitude: 20 to 200 feet.
  • Climate: Moderately warm. Mid-Summer fluctuates between 50ºF and 90ºF.

Oak Knoll:
  • Soil: Fine gravelly clay loam soil resulting in very elegant wines.
  • Rainfall: 36 inches (90 cm) annually.
  • Altitude: see level to 800 ft. (244 m).
  • Climate: second coolest after Los Carneros. Fine, gravelly.

  • Soil: Clay dominated, very shallow.
  • Rainfall: 20 inches annually.
  • Altitude: 300 feet.
  • Climate: Cool, with marine winds.

Paso Robles

The area benefits from the largest swing between high daytime and low nighttime temperatures of any region in California as a result of the cool marine air that moves in the mid to late afternoon. This diurnal fluctuation is considered key to attain the intense varietal character displayed in wine grapes from the area.  Paso Robles is a unique wine region blessed with optimal growing conditions for Rhone varietals, especially Syrah, producing full, rich wines with soft tannins.
West Paso Robles:
  •  Soil: Primarily bedrock derived from weathered granite, older marine sedimentary       rocks, volcanic rocks and younger marine sedimentary rocks.
  •  Rainfall:  45 inches annually.
  •  Altitude: 850-2000 ft.
  •  Climate:  Temperatures may reach 105°F and drop to around 50°F at night

Santa Rita Hills

The flavors and complexity of Sta. Rita Hills wines come from a combination of east-west coastal valleys, cool weather, fog, wind and soils that limit vine vigor and crop yield intensifying the flavors of our wines, creating the perfect environment for growing Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and other cool climate wine grape varieties. Natural acidity balanced with firm structure is a common thread in the wines throughout the region.

Our grapes come from two different vineyards in Santa Rita Hills: 

John Sebastiano:
  • Linne clay loam (a limestone soil) and Ballard gravelly fine sandy loam
  •  Rainfall:  18.5 inches annually.
  • Altitude: 820 feet. Climate: very cool and windy marine influenced climate -      10 miles from the ocean

La Encantada:
  • Ballard gravelly fine sandy loam.
  • Rainfall:  19.37 inches annually.
  • Altitude: 362 ft.
  • Climate: Coastal fog and winds for a cool maritime climate. 7 miles from the ocean.
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